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Rich Dollaz and 79 Gold Creates The Perfect Blend

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Rich-dollarFrom humble intern at BadBoy Records to business mogul, Rich Dollaz has been living his dream.  When you listen to Rich Dollaz speak, you hear the hunger, passion, and unshakeable confidence in his voice. Rich never flinches in a moment of doubt, nor does he ever concede to failure. Rich Dollaz became a day-one entrepreneur and never looked back. Since his introduction on the highly successful VH1 franchise “Love & Hip Hop NY,” Rich has created a new lane of “luxury celebrity” on the show, balancing everything from music management to million-dollar corporate deals. Rich walks an unorthodox path but he always seems to deliver in the ninth inning. Rich Dollaz’s enchanting charm and strikingly handsome appearance illuminate every room he enters. Branding, product placement, marketing, and creating the #NEXTBIGTHING is what “Richie D” does every day. No matter how things play out on TV, behind the scenes business gets DONE! In March 2015, Rich Dollaz announced that he will enter into the spirit industry, and finally, Rich Dollaz New 79 Gold is available to customers. rich-dollaz-79-liquor-0119-2Business mogul, VH1 TV personality, and music impresario Rich Dollaz has entered the world of spirits in an exciting way and his first product, 79 Gold, is garnering rave reviews and staying in high demand at retail liquor outlets nationwide. It is super popular among the young and middle-aged alike. One major reason behind the success of 79 Gold is that it is a rare 80-proof spirit. It tastes sweet with a crisp blend of bitterness to keep sugar levels in check. 79 Gold has a nutty flavor with a refreshing and light mouthfeel. Among the caramel spirits, it excels in a big way. It’s like crème brulee in spirit form. Rich Dollaz’s 79 Gold (distributed by Empire) is leading the pack among caramel vodka beverages in the open market. 79 Gold has a sweet and natural taste and is manufactured from the finest 100% Idaho wheat. It will romance your senses with silky, smooth, and soft textures. Sweet fragrances of caramel and comforting maple syrup are wonderful elements for most any occasion. 79 Gold is an example of a precise balance between flavorings and spirits. The entire staff of Popular Magazine publicly endorse this premium vodka and simply want to give high praise and adulation to the man, myth, and legend known as Rich Dollaz!

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