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Bernie Worrell: Retrospectives

Bernie Worrell,  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee and Grammy nominated Artist, is a co-founding member as well as Musical Director/Keyboardist/Songwriter/Arranger and co-producer for ORIGINAL Parliament/Funkadelic (P-FUNK).  You might even know him from the four years that he toured with the Talking Heads (performed in their DVD “Stop Making Sense) or maybe as a part of Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains or Bill Laswell’s “Praxis”, “Method of Defiance” or maybe Leo Nocentelli’s “Icons Of FUNK”- the list goes on and on for this 71 year old keyboard wizard.  A detailed bio and discography can be viewed at Bernies official website, bernieworrell.com

His incomparable keyboard wizardry, songwriting/arranging skills are what makes Bernie one of the most recognized names in music, (from Classical to FUNK to Jazz to Hip Hop and beyond) and is recognized worldwide, as evidenced by the fact that he is one of the most (if not THE most) sampled keyboardists in music history.
Donations to this Project will cover the album’s production, including but not limited to studio time, mixing, mastering, production, advertising, distribution, “swag” and PR.
Finding funding for this endeavor has been challenging, as the music industry will usually only fund younger acts.  We believe that Bernie’s extensive body of work (so extensive Management is challenged to get it all up on his site’s discography) has spoken to so many people worldwide and it is YOU, the fans, to whom we turn now.  What we can tell  you about this project is that it brings Bernie full circle — from the beginning of P-Funk to this “P-Funk inspired” retrospective, as ONLY Bernie can conceive and execute.
A big thank you to all who decide to back Bernie’s latest project FYI: the first release will be on vinyl)
Images courtesy od Brian Diescher: bostonmusicphotography.com

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