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The Deportation of Innocence Documentary

Short Summary

What happens to children after parents are deported?
The Deportation of innocence is a self-funded 52 minute documentary that seeks to answers this very question.
I got interested in the issue when my mom sent me an article about how children who had been born in the U.S. were having difficulty integrating into Mexican schools.
I realized that that there was an increasing pattern to the problem and decided to explore the root of it. With the commitment to protect the identities of our interviewees we filmed for nearly three years in both Mexico and the United States, finding immigrant families with children who were willing to share their stories.  I was not prepared for what I would find…
The Deportation of Innocence tells the story of four children and their immigrant families as they come to terms with deportation and the long lasting effects this has had on their lives. 
In addition to these stories , the documentary includes testimonies from lawyers, social workers, academics and priests who have firsthand knowledge and insight into the hardship of family separation and the challenges of reunification.

Interviews Include:

Mrs. Mary Galvan:  Is a social worker at the Instituto Madre Asunta in Tijuana, which is a  shelter for immigrant children and their mothers.  She has been working there for more than twenty years.

Mr. Daniel Bribiesca: Instituto Madre Asunta family reunification lawyer. Mr. Bribiesca is in charge of helping parents who have been deported get their children back when the U.S. government takes custody of U.S.-born children.

Father Patrick Murphy: Director of the Casa del Migrante Shelter in Tijuana.

Professor David Fitzgerald: Co-Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Among others…

What We Need

We believe that the making of this film is a collaborative effort between us and you, the contributor. After three long years we have finally finished shooting the documentary, but we still need funds to present it to you in the best possible way.

As you might imagine, when making documentaries it is often difficult to control all the conditions. Your contributions will help us make the viewing experience better and get the message across more effectively.

  • The funding raised will go to the post-production process which includes, color correction, color grading, sound design, sound clean up, titles graphics, effects and the purchase of stock footage licenses.
  • Please keep in mind that the amount we are trying to raise is the bare minimum we need to finish the film. Any additional funds will go to make the film more professional. This includes producing dvd’s for presentations, hiring a music composer for the soundtrack of the film, voice over narration, promotional materials, film festival submissions, organizing community events and any unforeseen costs we encounter.


In essence, this was a family project. I could not have made the film without their emotional and financial support. This is who we are:
Director Francisco Alarcon

Francisco Alarcon was born in Mexico City in 1979. He arrived to the U.S. at an early age when his parents left Mexico for the U.S. to carry out their graduate studies. He grew up in the bay area where he attended high school.

He studied a one year course in Film Directing and Writing at the University of California Los Angeles Extension. He has worked with immigrants throughout his life and filmed a short film about the Casa del Migrante in Tijuana to raise awareness about the work they do. That was later turned into a longer film which was accepted into the Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival official selection.

The proposal for his first feature film, The Deportation of Innocence, was among the 10 finalists for the DocsForum pitching market of the DocsDf film festival in Mexico City in 2011.

The Deportation of Innocence is his first feature length documentary.

Interviewer/Researcher, Macrina Cardenas Montaño

Macrina Cardenas Montaño has been an avid activist throughout her life. She has worked in Brockport as a U.S.-Mexico border community activist and educator and is the former Legislative Coordinator for MSN in Washington DC,

Macrina coordinated dozens of delegations to Juarez, including the first ever delegation of US congresswomen and men. She also spent over ten years organizing to end the femicides, with MSN and with various organizations led by families of femicide victims such as Justice for our Daughters, Return our Daughters Home, Women in Black, and Amnesty International.

She will draw on her this vast experience in addition to her current work as a community activist and educator in Tijuana with the Casa del Migrante where she works as a volunteer with women and men preparing to migrate to the US.

Director of Photography, Jesse Such

Jesse Such has an extensive work history in the social services working in a wide variety of fields such as immigration and criminal justice reform. Currently, Jesse is working as a community organizer in under served communities in New York City. While “The Deportation of Innocence” is in the final editing stages Jesse is completing his Master of Science degree in City and Regional Planning and has begun production on a new documentary about the NYPD’s policy of Stop, Question, and Frisk.

Producer, Deni Alarcon

Deni Alarcon was born in Mexico City and immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 6. She has lived on the West Coast, Washington DC, Mexico City and is currently residing in New York City with her family. Deni recently completed a Master’s degree in Nursing from Columbia University. She hopes to make health accessible to all populations.

The Impact

We have finished the production of our film, but we still need finishing funds to present it to you in the best possible way. This is where you can help us. Your contribution will go to the post-production process to help us finish the film. This includes, but is not limited to color correction, sound mix, sound clean up,  titles, graphics,  effects, and  the purchase stock footage.
Please keep in mind that the amount we are raising is the bare minimum we need to make the film. Any additional funds will go to producing dvd’s for presentations, hiring a music composer to create a music soundtrack for the entire documentary, promotional materials, film festival submissions, organizing events and any unforeseen costs we encounter.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that not everyone can make a contribution. But you can still help us in other ways. Sharing our campaign, with your friends, family and colleagues can help spread the word.

We have great perks for you as well, but more importantly, a great cause we are passionate about.

Thank you for your support.

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