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Shades of Blue and Some more… NBC is back with a show – TalkToChelynn | The Globe's #1 Media Network
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Shades of Blue and Some more… NBC is back with a show

NBC has delivered brilliant shows from time to time. They are back this time with a show of a different shade. A Shade of Blue. Looks like they are on the way to deliver another winner after Blindspot and Chicago Med. Here is a lowdown on what it is about and why we think it’s a winner and would be a show you would be tuning in a lot more.

What is it about
Shades of Blue is the story of a charismatic single mother (Jenifer Lopez) and detective leading from the heart a crew of Brooklyn detectives. The set of talented detectives is led by Matt Wozniak played by the talented and experienced actor Ray Liotta.
Shades of Blue
Matt often encourages the team to step outside the boundaries of law to protect it. The interactions between the detectives and the bad guys are interesting to watch. Harlee Santos played by Jennifer Lopez faces a tough time on the job and protecting her daughter. It is an interesting mix of emotions to see a woman of substance and style be so vulnerable at times.

Why you can’t afford to miss it
The show opened on high rating and has left America hungry for more. The Cop drama started early January 2016 and saw some good competition from other interesting shows but maintained good numbers in viewership. It had to, it presents a very unorthodox handling of the law by the Brooklyn detectives.
Jennifer Lopez, she is the highlight of the show. In one frame she is recording a confession and has a bruised in-distress look. The next scene, she is sashaying down the streets in her cop demeanor. NBC has managed to pull this off with an impressive storylines, cool camera work and a wonderful cast.

The Cast
Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the cast. Alright, it has a superb cast but it also has Jennifer Lopez! She looks as sensational and as glamorous as ever. The camera follows her and she keeps you under a spell with her screen presence, her looks, and her impressive performance. She is also the producer of the show and has spent a good amount of time on styling her looks throughout the show to perfection. Be it her working out and looking sweaty in the gym or chasing suspects. She does not depends millions of her fans who are crazy about her looks and curves.

Jennifer looking amazing in the show
The cast has talented and some promising set of actors. From Ray Liotta to Warren Kole and Sarah Jeffrey. The screen is kept ablaze by their performances and looks.

Our Verdict
Tune In! Do not miss this show. NBC’s this season will see more shades of these characters and specially watch out for Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez). She sure is going to sizzle and dazzle the audience’s hearts and minds.
Watch out for more interesting updates and interesting twists this incredible storyline has to offer.

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