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The Soundtrack of Destiny: @TheRealTank

The Soundtrack of Destiny

Lyrics to the track “Better For You” by Tank

All she ask for; occasional roses
That romance drug; given in doses
I could hear you, but I didn’t listen
I was near you, now you’ve gone missing
How could I not promise you perfection?
I’m gonna have to answer to my reflection
I’m realizing there’s way too much on the line ooo

I could be better for you
I know I ain’t close to the man you need me to be
I see
I could be better for you

She said, don’t share what’s mine, make me feel special
I wanna feel proud when I stand next to you
Too accessible they think they can grab you
Be respectable or those bitches can have you
How could I not promise you perfection?
I’m gon’ have to answer to my reflection
I’m realizing there’s way too much on the line


Sex Love & Pain IITank is delivering the soundtrack of destiny for all serious love and romance dreamers on January 22nd, 2016. As his voice reverberates throughout my hotel suite via my SMS Audio Bluetooth speakers, my eyes are locked on a picture of a former lover and Tank’s words are like prophecy at this very moment.

As I’m looking into the shallow glass of my Black Cherry Effen Vodka, I see a reflection of her eyes looking back at me in pure pain. Tank’s soul is filled with pain, pleasure, triumph, failure, and Hollywood success. I have the song on repeat and as the song starts again I increase the volume to squeeze the bad memories out of my mind.

Tank’s music travels throughout your entire body and eventually invades your heart to find your soul. So, I take off my cufflinks, slip off my Cole Hann shoes, loosen my “World of Alfa” tie (S/O to Boris Kodjoe) and select the track #BDAY. My mood transforms into that of a wild bachelor on the eve of his wedding, partying on a stripper bus (a la Kevin Hart in Think Like a Man). Chris Brown and Tank possess an unequalled musical chemistry on any track and the delivery is always Billboard bound! Oh my God, these lyrics and tones are captivating, mesmerizing, infectious, sexy, and forward-thinking all in one baby!

Check out what Tank is saying:
Girl it’s your birthday (birthday) in here (in here) tonight (tonight)
Give it to me, go

[Verse 1 – Siya:]
Go, go, go, shawty it’s your bday
You and your girls taking shots like a relay
I know y’all only come around when the bottles out
Shit, I only come around when the models out
So what’s your sign baby?
You a Cancer or Gemini baby?
You a freak, do you do it for the Vine baby?
I’m just tryna figure out if we can vibe baby

[Verse 2 – Tank:]
I don’t wanna waste no time
I just wanna help you celebrate
Cause I don’t meet ’em like you everyday
Blow them candles out and get down to the cake
I don’t wanna waste no time
Baby girl, I know this what you like
Get it in the air, we can take flight
It’s a special dance, only right girl

[Pre-Hook – Tank:]
Since you walked through the doors, it’s been like
Lemme show you what it’s for cause I’ll
Give you all I got and won’t look back
What I do today, you gon’ remember that

How many real artists do you know who can balance multiple emotions, sounds, textures, vibes, and overall feelings on ONE track and create pure magical gumbo? Tank, Tank, and only Tank! This is an “on-repeat” club, hood, stripper, twerker, and half Christian/part-time Christian anthem! The musical production alone sounds like classic 90s R&B infused with the energy of 2Pac, smoothness of Luther Vandross, and melodic flow of Marvin Gaye. Tank has re-created the sound of passion.
Tank + Shawn Stockman = EPIC SH*T! The track “Already In Love” provides instant “Tankism” to your ears with his signature intro echo and harmonious outcry. He approaches the track with undeniable sincerity, truth, and boldness in every verse. Read the verses to your love story here:
One look at you
I knew I need it
I could be true
I know I see it
Wanna be down
When do I fit in
I’m ready now
When do we begin?
I could be your soldier, girl
Be your king and rule our world
Try me so you know it’s real
I’m already sure about you
In the way I feel
You’ll have shelters in my arms
Always feel beautiful in my arms
What do you know matter how far
My heart wants to love you for life
I’m already… in love…
I’m already in love with you
Soon as we touch
I know you feelin’
Hell of a high
Can’t nothin’ kill it
Not in a rush
I planned on staying
We should do time
That’s all I’m saying

Shawn Stockman enters the moment and distributes his trademark angelic vocals, creating his own footprint on the record. His melodic overtones and cautious delivery cause deep reflection on the lyrics and leave you totally trapped in his lyrical web. Shawn Stockman is a giant in this industry and his diamond always provides a unique shine on any track. “Already In Love” is a ballad that turns back the hands of time and showcases the needed vulnerability in the pursuit of love while reinforcing the beauty of risk. January 22, 2016 is not just another release date, it’s a declaration of true musicianship and musical storytelling. Tank, you’ve done it again. Thank you for always redefining the journey of love, pain, and happiness! In this era of digital streaming, true music is being undervalued. Support and purchase good music—this soundtrack qualifies ten times over!

This article was written by J.Wright, a freelance writer for TALKTOCHELYNN, Popular Magazine, and Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine. All aforementioned content is property of TALKTOCHELYNN and Renegade Revolt.




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