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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

If you are a movie buff or even remotely interested about movies, you might have come across the Fast and Furious series of movies. In that action-packed thriller series, this man stands out with his screen presence and witty remarks

Tyrese Gibson
Actor, singer, and songwriter Tyrese Gibson is a man of many talents. One of his talents which took his fans and critics by surprise is his writing talent. Tyrese has reflected on his life and come up with an interesting book. An interesting marriage of reflection and personal experiences, we would discuss more about the book in this book review (Caution: Just calling it a review for the sake of category, it’s an impressed reader’s take on a brilliantly written words)
His book is called “How to Get out Your Own Way”. As interesting the title is, so is the book and our thoughts about it.

This book follows an interesting format. Without giving out too much details and not being a spoilsport and not telling too little, it is in a question format. Tyrese involves the reader in a series of fundamental questions that helped him and while he answers them the reader also starts gaining his wisdom. He sometimes takes the reader by surprise with his thoughts about peace and fulfillment.
As he puts in a very apt way, “It’s not about talking down to people, it’s about elevating them.”

Book Cover


If the previous quote impressed you to look at Amazon, iTunes or a Web portal of your choice, Tyrese just got started. As the reader gets interested, Tyrese entices them with questions we ask ourselves every day or are scared to ask maybe.
⦁ How much do you love yourself?
⦁ How much do you want for yourself?
⦁ Why do men cheat?
⦁ Are you ready for the next level?
Questions which you have always been seeking answers for but never really knew who to ask.
We named this section Tyrese because the book is him. Tyrese takes us through his life experiences. And, the life is as breezy as the car chases that scorch the screen in his movies.

Book Content and Our Opinion
From witnessing domestic violence as a child to struggling for 15 years in the industry and making it on his own, the book has inspirational content all the way. He does give us a celebrity fix by anecdotes from his life. But then, he also shows a human side.
He is not too different from us, he made mistakes and then trained himself. The words No and can’t are not in his dictionary. Through his book, he constantly inspires the readers to be the best, honest, and take control of their life.
Any further information and we might be playing a spoilsport.
We would give it a big thumbs up and request a read. For the actor, for the human being Tyrese is, for the emotional connect the book makes. It’s a must read on your inspirational book list. Share this book review with anyone looking to expand their universe of wisdom.

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