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Code Red Experience: @MonicaBrown

Monica Code RedUnless you’re lucky enough to be on some kind of island right now, it’s probably blistering cold wherever you are just like it is here in Charlotte. The only logical thing to do in this weather is cook your favorite meal, scroll through your DVR and enjoy a cold glass of Effen Cucumber Vodka on the rocks. While my lasagna was baking in the oven, I found myself digging in my purse and I ran across my Monica Code Red Experience ticket stub and I immediately began to smile. That night will never leave my memory because it was definitely a special experience.


If you didn’t get the pleasure of watching her perform live, trust me when I say you truly missed a great opportunity. Monica gave the audience absolutely everything she had and it was obvious her mission was to thoroughly entertain us from beginning to end. It’s one thing to sing Don’t Take It Personal along with the radio but to hear her sing it live brings new life to a classic that we’re all familiar with. Monica took us on a journey full of memories singing her vintage ballads from the popular Space Jam feature For You I Will and bringing us to the present with Just Right For Me featuring Little Wayne. Each song provoked a new emotion because we feel like we actually know Monica. We’ve watched her grow from rocking a short cut as Miss Thang to this victorious wife of Shannon Brown and awesome mother to Rodney, Romelo and Laiyah.


To watch Monica perform gives you the same feeling as when your big cousin gets married or graduates from college because you can’t help but to be proud of the woman she’s become. We have literally watched Monica go through most of the stages in her life and her music takes us on an unforgettable journey. Her authentic melodies seem to identify with our emotions at that exact moment. There’s no way you can compare any of her albums due to the fact they all take us on a different excursion. I don’t know about you but when I heard Love All Over Me, I wanted to get married all over again. Her vocals have a way of putting you in a trance and you all of a sudden want to do whatever she’s singing at the time.


It was 1998 all over again that night when she uttered the words:
“When I first saw you, I already knew
There was something inside of you.
Something I thought that I would never find.
Angel of mine.”
I’m quite sure every woman was reminiscing about their high school crush just like I was at that moment. Her explosive vocals have the ability to take you wherever she wants you to go with just one line from any one of her many classic tunes.
Monica believes the current standard of music is in a real state of emergency, hence the title of her new album Code Red. She knew her real fans would agree so she launched the Code Red Experience Tour and we did not let her down. Her tour sold out in major cities night after night. What makes her so different from other artists is she made sure to thank all of us for not only following her as a fan but supporting her through difficult stages in her life. We didn’t let the blogs tell us anything negative about her because we feel like we know her so well. I actually had the pleasure of being backstage for the concert and she’s such a pleasure to watch. Her grace fills the room as she willingly offers hugs, handshakes and takes pictures with anyone brave enough to ask. Her humbleness is a great example for all of us to follow and I want to say thank you to Monica for including us on this journey. We all know her future is just a bright with an abundance of opportunities and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her. Whatever it is, we will be there in the front row cheering her on.









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