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Concussion – Will Smith delivers a Sensitive story

I believed Will Smith was the last man alive in the movie “I am legend”. We joined in the tears and desperation to make a living in the movie “Pursuit of Happyness.” The movie Concussion has a similar effect.


Strong Plot

The movie has a strong plot. It covers a moment in the history of the world. Will Smith goes against NFL for an issue he believes is important for the players. Dr. Bennet Omalu, played by Will is a Nigerian immigrant who discovers chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in former NFL players. He takes an uphill task to educate NFL and its players about the blows players take on their head. The problems they face, the untimely deaths that happen, and that is it not alright to keep taking them for the sake of the sport. With such a strong plot unfolding in front of your eyes, it is an emotional journey.



The Golden Globe is just a few months away. Will Smith has again a good shot at bagging the best actor’s award. There is an ample amount of opportunities he gets to explode on screen like a ball of emotional fire.

Scenes where he talks gently to bodies before dissecting them, death of players and his revelation of reasons that lead to death of players are pure proof of his acting powers. His adaptability of a Nigerian accent is natural and not awkward. The scenes in which he speaks to dead bodies before the autopsy, using brand new knives to lovingly cut them apart while listening to music are spell-binding.

For the fans of Will Smith and Sports movies, this is a must watch.


The Movie and its Verdict

The movie is a gripping experience. From time to time it devastates you, when you see players suffer breakdowns that are not visible in brain scans. The journey that starts from the effects of repetitive concussions looks logical. The narrative does not just start from reporting an event but telling an event as it started and shaped.

At the backdrop is a sweet immigrant love story not leaving Omalu’s personal life uncovered. And that marries into a Corporate tussle the central characters face. There is fearlessness in the way whistleblowing has been dealt with in the movie.

Sometimes the movie breaks your heart. When Omalu’s wife Prema suffers a miscarriage after being stalked, it’s a tearjerker moment. The Omalus then leave their dream home to set out for a better life. The movie sews hope together as it moves further. For handling things with such a maturity, the movie is meant for a serious audience.

Our verdicts is simple. If a good story plot, wonderful performances from the cast, and sports motivation is your game. Then, you can’t sit out this one. The editing is done by Oscar-winning editor William Goldenberg of Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. The pace as a result never leaves you.

An emotional ride, this is one journey you will not regret.

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