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Creed: This Movie review packs a punch

It’s the eye of the tiger
It’s the thrill of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge
Of our rival

You must have heard lyrics of this song carefully and felt motivated while working out. This song from the inspiring series of Rocky movies is an absolute motivator. Sylvester Stallone made a name for himself featuring in the Rocky movie. He has been and continues to be a motivation for boxers, athletes, and body-building enthusiast from around the world.


Effective Direction

Ryan Coogler is the director of Creed. His storytelling is full of grace and moves effectively. His histrionics are pleasant and he initiates a thought process in his audience. When Adonis projects his father and Rocky’s fights on a big screen, he joins in the dance and gets involved in the fight. This histrionic pulls you in the screenplay. The research he has put and the affection with which he connect the screenplay to previous movies is inspirational material. A fan’s dream.

We are talking about the direction here because it is not easy directing a Rocky movie. There is crowd pressure on him to get all the pieces of the jigsaw right.         We also thank him for helping Stallone get his presence and image as Rocky back. Allowing Rocky’s character to get a team around to help a boxer get his dream, he helps Rocky reclaim his spirit of a Boxer and Coach.



Adonis Johnson played by Michael B. Jordan, is born as an illicit child and moves from one group home to another. He is an angry kid looking for an outlet. As a young man he wants to move away from his father’s surname because of the anger of being called a bastard child.

The interesting plot of the movie unfolds when Adonis tracks down Rocky. Rocky boxed as his father’s old opponent. He convinces Rocky to train him.

The movie is Adoni’s journey to find himself, to take back his respect. His chemistry with Sylvester Stallone is amazing. He looks like a real-life disciple of Rocky.

We have grown up feasting on Rocky’s movies and the inspiration we get from them. Rocky’s fight with Apollo Creed was an epic moment in movie making history. Rocky is now training Apollo’s son. Sylvester Stallone plays the aging boxer with triumph and poise.


Our Verdict

The movie catches us by surprise, just when we thought there are no more movies coming from the stable of Ricky movies. This 8th installment greets us with a storyline, a new cast, and the good old Stallone. Stallone is Rocky and Rocky is Stallone. He slips into his coach gear and is a natural around the boxing ring. Like he never left it. His acting is believable.

Our verdict! Thumbs up! Go watch it. Its Stallone, nothing else needs to be spoken about. The speech given by Stallone about losses and achievements is an epic moment. Rocky fans, a treat awaits you!

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