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Fifty Shades of Black – A Movie review with a different shade – TalkToChelynn | The Globe's #1 Media Network
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Fifty Shades of Black – A Movie review with a different shade

50 shades of Black is a parody of the film 50 shades of grey.


The movie “50 Shades of Grey” was a movie that garnered a tremendous amount of interest due to its sexual histrionics, storyline and a breezy look of the movie. When you do a spoof or parody of a big film, there is an expectation.


A Comic Try

You have to be funny. And, you have to get the anecdotes right. And, you still have to sound original. We are sounding demanding. We are modern movie-goers and we spend time on only quality stuff.  The movie is a good attempt at Comedy. Spoofing a popular movie is always a treat for regular movie audiences. We are fed with a lot of serious cinema.



Marlon Mayans and Kali hawk try to emulate, mock, add humor, and still try to hold their ground. It’s a tough job. They clamor under the pressure of delivering a spoof and comic timing consistently. Marlon plays the role of Mr. Black. He is good-looking and funny throughout the movie. An actor who is relying heavily on the script sometimes has to try harder to carry it on his shoulder.

Kali also tries her slapstick bit with her head being stuck in elevator doors. She manages to look gorgeous on the screen. The two actors have a chemistry that can’t be missed. Somewhere, I guess the title inspires them to be seductive and exclude that seduction onscreen.


Hit vs Misses

A number of reviews on the Internet really have ripped the movie apart. There are some good moments that satiate your senses with an erotic spoof comedy as the movie tries to crack some jokes.

The jokes are sexual and awkward at times. Jokes about body hair and premature ejaculation often fall flat. They even read passages from the novel to mock at it. Out of all the desperation to sound funny, sometimes they do hit a good turf. But, occasionally.

The film has a bit of comic seduction too, in one of the scenes Christian tries to spank Hannah but is unable to due to her butt implants. They certainly try their best to create the same aura from the movie they are spoofing.


Our Verdict

Comedy is hard to find. Good comedy, even harder to find.

Though you need a little patience and drop your views about racism. The movie has comments on racism, presidential, and a lot of them sexual. If a joke strikes a wrong chord with you, don’t give up on the movie, there is still lot to watch for.

We are not gung-ho about this movie, but it’s a good watch when you want to catch up on some spoof-humor. It adds the bells of sex to attract your attentions. Well, sex and humor is a good concoction when served in regular doses. They have tried not to go wrong with this one!

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