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Ride Along 2 Movie Review

Ice Cube is funny and Kevin hart is Macho!

That didn’t go that well didn’t it? We are fans of these stars and we expect them to deliver what we like them to. Kevin hart is funny and has an amazing comic timing. The screen lights up with giggles and smiles with his consistently funny histrionics.


Ice Cube is the forever angry and tough guy who carries movies on his shoulders. Be it action, comedy, or both, there is one word for his acting – Effortless.

Ride Along 2 is one such movie in which they have come back to wow their fans. It is the second movie in series after the successful Ride Along from last year.


A fun ride

The movie progresses further from where we left last time. Ben Barber played by Kevin Hart is now a rookie cop who is trying to follow Ice cube’e lead. He is also marrying James’s (Cube) sister.

There are some interesting additions to the cast in this movie. Antonio Pope, the drug lord played by Benjamin Bratt is a wonderful choice for this role. He lends a mean yet intense streak to the screen.

Above all, there is the very funny Ken Jeong. Fresh from the success of The Hangover series of movies, he plays a hacker. There is the gorgeous Olivia Munn. Olivia plays a detective and a possible love interested for Ice Cube.

There are definitely histrionics on the screen. Picture this, Ben (Kevin) maneuvers cars in a car chase with his video-gaming skills, the movie even cuts in between grand theft auto in real and then goes back to the movie. An interesting sequence not to be missed. It is rare these days to see innovation like that in movie editing.



Tim Story knows how to bring out the best in his cast. Kevin is a revelation as an actor. His confidence as a Comic has grown many fold. His hilarious dialogues and slapstick fails are a crowd-puller. There are tremendous expectations from him to deliver something funny every time he is on screen and he delivers! Consistently!

Somewhere he is able to bring back the timing and memories of Chris tucker. Kevin and Cube are beginning to find a “Rush Hour” kind of experience when they come together onscreen.


Our Verdict

Looking at the overall theme, script, and execution very objectively. It is not the best comedy or best action-comedy you ever saw.

But, they try and have tried to make a good movie. The critics have not been very gung-ho about the whole affair. Neverthless, if you are a Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, Olivia Munn fan, go watch the movie.

Kevin tells Cube’s character in the movie that they be called “Brothers-in-Law”. The movie is full of such humorous bits and that makes it a good one time watch. You connect with kevin’s character and want him to marry Cube’s sister.

A definite watch this Friday night to laugh the stresses of the week away.

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