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Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens: Movie Review

Star Wars continues to wow their fans with its seventh film. This time it is the first under the Walt Disney Co. umbrella. Released in 2015, an American epic space opera film, is the seventh installment in the Star Wars series. The Force Awakens is the first film in the Star Wars trilogy announced after Disney’s acquisition of Lucas films.


Back with a force never seen before

The previous Star wards film was a while ago, and the franchise started way back. The current generation has a good hang of it but the film was starting to be out of everybody’s mind. This movie has brought back the fanfare. The sequel by JJ Adams is a delight. Made with a lot of heart, it takes your breath away.

JJ Adams has put his heart and soul in putting the right amount of effects and movie-making innovation together. Whether it is the scene where the relaunched Millennium Falcon crashes or the dog fighting TIE fighter scenes, it is a joy.


Movie plot

Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi, has disappeared. The First order has risen from the fallen Galactic Empire. They are set out to eliminate Luke and the New Republic. Resistance must fight back. Luke’s twin sister, General Leia Organa, leads the resistance while searching for Luke.

The movie takes from where the series let. The story picks up after the events of Return of the Jedi, with scavenger Rey played by Daisy Ridley teaming up with renegade “First order” storm trooper Finn (John Boyega) and globular droid BB-8. Starts off in traditional fashion with a good vs evil fight and progresses from there.

The movie has good doses of humor that provide a respite from the overly scientific periods in the film. Movie makers often pay attention to the small bits that keep the audiences hooked. They have carefully picked the right stuff from the previous trilogies.


Our verdict

The movie has an amazing cast. We have grown up worshipping the characters played by them. The new additions are carefully picked and carry their roles to perfection.

The new cast could have got more screen time and presence. We guess, in the presence of the titans it is a tough affair. The new cast additions and the new elements are what brings freshness to the franchise. But, the overall impressive show makes way for another sequel (We are Star Wars hungry, a lot of us!).

Go! Rush! To your nearest movie-theater playing the movie. If it’s a Blu-ray or DVD launch or Netflix by the time you read this. Waste no further time. Everything about the movie is great, the effects, music, post production, the cast.

The film has been received at the box office with a commercial response most films dream about. On its way to winning several accolades, this one is an amazing watch.With reported revenues of $ 1.9 billion and counting, it is an acclaimed movie of its time.

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